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CellSan Forensic - Forensic cell site analysis and related expert services

CellSAn: An Introduction:

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CellSAn Forensic specialises in the provision of forensic cellular telephone record analysis services (commonly known as cell site analysis), cellular network radio surveys at significant locations and associated expert advice and witness services, to UK agencies authorised under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Acts to undertake such investigations.

This includes consultation during initial enquiry, ongoing liaison and technical support during an active investigation, site investigation, call record analysis presentation of an evidential package, case conference and presentation of evidence in court.

The same range of services is also provided to legal defence teams where the Crown has disclosed cellular telephone evidence which requires explanation or validation.

These include initial consultation, liaison and technical support during defence preparation, scrutiny of telephone evidence offered by the Crown or other defence teams, further analysis or field investigation if required, preparation of briefing to Counsel and if necessary a further evidential package, case conference, support to defence team in court and presentation of defence evidence in court if required.

CellSAn Forensic does not currently offer a telephone examination service, but can provide contact details for a specialist examiner.

Further information can be provided to authorised parties on request, please see the contact details page.